JULY 1, 2020




Anyone who has had the pleasure of teaching young Chinese will tell you that the experience gives one the impression that these youngsters are exceedingly bright, stunningly hard working, lovely people, and that they like each other.  The more one teaches them here or in China, the more one is convinced that the students are fond of the West and gently (and mostly in a silent way) unhappy with their government’s efforts to stifle the “liberating” efforts of these charming young people.

“China is a sleeping dog.  Let sleeping dogs lie,” – said Napoleon (or someone else).  China remains asleep.  Were China to awake, perhaps we should fear not.  True, nothing could stop an awakened China, but facing it might make us all better off.  Well, an awakening might not make the ruling Chinese class of today better off, but some of us would not find that reason to object to it.

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