DECEMBER 27, 2020




TFor many years, the Washington NFL team name was not “widely seen as a racial slur.”  That professional football franchise originated in Massachusetts, and the name the franchise owners selected (Red Skins) was part of their effort to woo Boston sport fans who cheered for the American League Boston Red Sox or for the National League Boston Braves.  Thus, the owners fashioned a name that both baseball team fans might like: The Red Skins – a name that drew on both Baseball team names.

Anyway, eventually, the franchise moved to Washington, D.C. and became a major and valuable enterprise, keeping the same name, which was a valuable asset that continued to grow in value to the team franchise and its owners.

When the media and others hunting for racial slurs, saw an opportunity, they claimed that the Washington football team’s name was a racial slur and also claimed that it was widely regarded as such.  In fact, it was not originally seen widely or narrowly as a racial slur, but in virtue of the campaign the media and others promoted, it became so.  Recently, a column from a national newspaper claimed that the name was “widely seen as a racial slur.”  Well, given the efforts of those seeking out racial slurs for whatever purposes, the name did become “widely seen as a racial slur.”

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